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posted on May 09, 2012

BSidesROC is this Saturday at 8am. Holy crap. I wanted to give a final post before the con so you can figure out what to expect the day of the event. If you haven’t signed up, you should get a ticket right now. Do so on the website.

Capture All The Flags

We will have a capture the flag style competition. The open competition will involve you and your team being rewarded for cracking security challenges. It’s going to be run by RIT’s student security organization SPARSA. The skill level is from into to 1337 so if you just wanted to take a crack at it, you can.

Present All The Talks

We have to have presentations. It’s just what we do. There will be a bunch of talks in multiple tracks this year. You can check out the schedule for a list of talks HERE.  Also, if you can’t make it to the con, the presentations will be streamed live on UStream. We’ve spent as much money as we can afford on audio and video equipment in an attempt to have quality streaming.

Pick All The Locks

Last year, The Open Organization Of Lockpickers came up to run a lock pick village and it was a smash. There were a lot of people learning how to pick locks for the first time ever. This was really awesome to me and that’s coming back. Since last year, there’s been a local TOOOL chapter that’s popped up so that they’ll be running the booth themselves. They’ll be doing presentations on the basics of lock picking and how locks work throughout the day. They have lock picks and practice locks that you can use to practice. Plus, they have lock picks for sale during the con.

Hacker All The Space

Since this is a hacker community event, we’re going to bring back the guys from the Rochester hackerspace, Interlock Rochester. They’ll be showing off what they do with 3D printers and fun toys. You should pay them a visit to see how the space is doing and maybe they’ll print you a trinket to take home.

Decrypt All The Challenges

We’re adding a new portion to BSidesROC. The Crypto-Challenge Of Doom! Or just the Crypto Challenge. If you’ve attended other hacker cons, this is a way to exercise your brain cracking a crypto puzzle. And if you’ve attended other hacker cons where they do this, you’ve probably met the guys that wins all of them, Darth Null. All of them is a little over zealous but maybe all the ones he’s attempted. He has put together the crypto challenge for us this year and I’m pretty excited to see what everyone thinks.

Eat All The Food

We will even feed you in the morning and afternoon. Bagels and coffee for breakfast and subs for lunch. Hurray.

Sponsor All The Things

Do I need to remind you that this is a free con that feeds your mouth for free and pumps your brain full of information for free and entertains you for free? Freely free freedom. Well this is because of our sponsors. No seriously, love these people and please tell them how much you appreciate them because these are the guys that understand what a hacker con is and are interested in giving money to the community. If you use their products, please remind them that you saw them at our conference so that hopefully they sponsor us next year. Go buy all their products and services and give them hugs.

Secure Network, Inc.

AdvizezX Technologies

HP Enterprise Security

Rochester ISSA Chapter

Tenable Network Security

Intrepidus Group

GreyCastle Security

Assured Information Security, Inc.

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