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posted on Jul 22, 2015

I don’t remember the exact conversation, but Jason Ross inspired me to buy, as in Drone + PWND = DRWND. I’ve owned it for a bit waiting for some specific data so that I could use it as an informational site about DRWN attacks. As IANA web developer, this has been interesting and terrible but simple enough to share.

I won’t assume the site makes any sense right now so I can summarize it like this:

  • It takes a data feed of all known locations of drone strikes and plots them
  • Circle size reflects the number of people killed
  • Circle color reflect the percentage of the deaths that were civilians and/or children in an RGB manner
    • Red – civilians
    • Green – expected targets or unknowns
    • Blue – children
  • <li style="text-align: left;">
      For example the done strike in Pakistan that is purple reflects that people were mostly civilians and children

All this being said, the data comes from which attempts to be honest but there’s no way that it can be complete nor totally accurate.