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posted by antitree on Feb 02, 2020

Saturday, I gave my talk titled “Command and KubeCTL: Real-World Kubernetes Security for Pentesters” at Shmoocon 2020. I’m following up with this post that goes into more details than I could cover in 50 minutes.

Here’s the important stuff:


This talk was designed to be a Kubernetes security talk for people doing offensive security or looking at Kubernetes security from the perspective of an attacker. This is demo-focused where much of the talk is one long demo showing an attack chain. The goal being I wanted something complicated and simple to exploit. I wanted things to not work initially and you had to figure out ways around them.

If you’d like to read more and go throught he walk through, I’ve moved a lot of the write-up details to NCC Group’s research blog. You can find it here.