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posted on Jul 19, 2012

Late next week, JustBill and I will be presenting at Defcon/303 Skytalks in Las Vegas. The presentation, Jukebox Jacking, is a project I’ve been working on for longer than I want to admit. The short version is that I’ve been messing around with a jukebox in my spare time as a weird side project. It started out as just a mobile hacking project and then turned into RF and hardware hacking. Here’s the link:

The good portion of this talk is that I think it’s funny how deep we went into this thing. The infosec in me feels a bit guilty because a few of the things I did, have no remediation path. There’s nothing they can do besides replacing the entire jukebox. Their original design was based on the thought that “Nobody would ever try this.” Sorry. :/

The talk is on Sunday at 10am. Yes, that DOES suck but I think it’s actually a correct slot for this talk. I’m not pretending that this is brilliant technical material nor is it interesting to everyone out there. Hopefully the take aways are that if you’ve ever wondered how this jukebox works, now you do, if you’ve wanted to get into RF and hardware hacking, these are some tools that could help, and if you want to get started with mobile hacking, this is how to do it.

I’ll be updating this page with the presentation and details of the project later.

UPDATE: changed link to project details.