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Saturday, I gave my talk titled “Command and KubeCTL: Real-World Kubernetes Security for Pentesters” at Shmoocon 2020. I’m following up with this post that goes into more details than I could cover in 50 minutes. Here’s the important stuff: Link to Slides Link to Demos @ me on Twitter Premise This talk was designed to be a Kubernetes security talk for people doing offensive security or looking at Kubernetes security from the perspective of an attacker.

posted by antitree on Feb 02, 2020

It’s been on my list for at least 6 months to start contributing to krew if possible. My first plugin is called net-forward and it’s very simple but confusing if you don’t see what I’m using it for. Kubectl net-forward From a user level, net-forward helps you create a forwarding proxy from your machine to an arbitrary IP and port that’s accessible in the cluster. For example if you wanted to connect to another Pod’s service located at 10.

posted by antitree on Jan 25, 2020

Sometimes during a container or Kubernetes assessment, we get requested to review whether a runtime security tool that a client uses is sufficient for their threat model. This often means reviewing a custom seccomp-bpf profile, AppArmor config, or third party tool that tries to enforce the isolation between a container and the host. There’s two approaches we usually take during these gigs: Audit the profile and identify any flaws or bypasses that could exist Analyze the container at runtime to validate the policy actually enforces the expected ruleset.

posted by antitree on Sep 15, 2019

By default Docker allows all of their containers to run with the CAP_NET_RAW capability, I believe to easily support ICMP health checks when needed. Supporting ping makes sense but this post will go through why CAP_NET_RAW is an unnecessary risk and how you can still send pings without needing CAP_NET_RAW. What does CAP_NET_RAW do? CAP_NET_RAW controls a processes ability to build any types of packets that you want. TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, etc.

posted by antitree on Jan 10, 2019