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posted on Apr 29, 2017

This is a continuation of the previous posts talking about BSidesROC onion related CTF challenges.

Port of Onion (PoO)

I don’t think anyone got this one mostly because I think they were expecting that it was going to take too long.

Here’s the clue:

Sail with me on a 3 hour cruise
A storm hits us hard but we must not lose
Take any port in a storm
Just to get some place warm
There's only one there; which do you choose?


Most picked up that my terrible poem was to try and guess which port the service was running on. I thought this would be an interesting challenge to either try to adapt a port scanner to use a socks proxy or script it. I think people assumed that they’d have to scan 65535 ports but it was hosted on port 1080/TCP which is above 1024 I know but I was hoping that it would be a common port that a scanner would hit.

The ways off the top of my head you could figure this out:

Tor Ports